New Egypt | Episode 01

The high-volume policy

It feels really bad to live a norm of “The higher your voice, the more you get”. It’s becoming too noisy to hear each others. How can we reach any sort of agreement if we don’t see any value in others. If you asked X why you are talking that loud ? The answer will be “I’m free”!!

I can’t understand what is the freedom in preventing others from expressing themselves ? X may reply again “I’m not, I’m just expressing mine”. You shouldn’t arrest someone or keep him as a prisoner to kill his freedom. Just by continuously talking in such a loud voice, you are preventing someone else from expressing himself, you are preventing yourself from knowing something new that might help you.

Before 2011-Jan-25, we were complaining of that one person who is restraining our freedom. Now, almost everyone is trying to express himself in a way that everyone is restraining the freedom of everyone else!

I wish we can all listen first before trying to express our opinions, I mean really listen with a true desire to understand each others and build a better future for everyone.

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