Insights at Google-Motorola Deal

Google is about to buy Motorola Mobility for 12.5$ billions

I guess it’s all about PATENTS. Motorola mobility has a very strong patents profile -more than 17000 patents-. I doubt that Google is interested in the hardware profile here specially after preferring HTC & Samsung in manufacturing their branded smartphones. If this deal got approved, it will be Google weapon to attack other companies and defend their OS against other companies when needed. It’s actually very funny to watch this step from Google after a few days from their public criticism to Microsoft and Apple regarding the Nortel patents deal.

Is this good or bad ?
hmmmmmm, It depends on how google will handle the new company.
If Motorola got more attention than other OEMs manufacturing Android-powered smartphones, It will most probably be a bad news for Google and Android. If the key Android players like Samsung and HTC encountered any issues due to this deal, they will probably switch their focus from Android to Windows Phone. On the other hand, if Google managed to provide the same attention level to all their OEMs, they will strengthen Android position with such a massive patents profile.

HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have welcomed this step from Google assuming the fair treatment and protection in the current patents wars.

Microsoft and Nokia have also welcomed the news expecting WP7 to gain more support from HTC and Samsung from now on.

Will this deal be approved or not ? It’s the same as the Nortel deal and both are waiting approval for now. We will see in the next few months.


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