BIG Phones Day

Yesterday -September 01- could be called the “BIG Phones Day” 🙂 Two interesting devices were announced the Pre-IFA conferences held today by HTC and Samsung,

HTC Titan

The new WP7-Mango-Powered Titan with 4.7” S-LCD screen, an impressive build, 1.5 GHz single-core processor; all zipped in an impressive 9.9 mm device. more

HTC Titan

Samsung Galaxy Note

The new Android-powered device with a huge 5.3” Super-AMOLED screen. The Galaxy Note also has a built-in stylus which is deeply-integrated within the OS. such screen with a 1.4 GHz duel-core processor are zipped in a slim 9.7mm form factor. more

Samsung Galaxy Note

I think both are nice devices but 4.7” and 5.3” are really really BIG. The previous king-size phones were measured at 4.3” which was big-enough for a smart phones experience. Such devices are narrowing the space between tablets and smartphones even more, not only functionality-wise but also in terms of size and weight.

I really wish HTC will return to AMOLED screens because the S-LCD is really BAD 😦


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