Samsung again

Lots of posts and rumors were targeting Samsung in the last week

Samsung is considering Web-OS purchase. This was declined by Samsung CEO, but it was to be a very good news and a very good alternative to Android.

Samsung is leaving the Android Market for the Sake of their own Linux-Base OS. If this is true, it will be a very bad news for Google and the Android-ers. Samsung is a major player in both Android markets (tablets and smartphones) but they seem to be unhappy about the Google-Motorola deal. The Microsoft-Nokia relationship also is slightly pushing Samsung from Windows Phones, unless they get a similar deal which is not unlikely to happen in the future.

The best of all was about slates, according to Korean sites, Samsung will release their first Windows 8 tablet next week in Microsoft Build event. The tablet is rumored to be powered a Quad-Core NVIDIA processor. If rumors turned out to be true, this will be the first Windows-8 tablet ever, the first Quad-Core tablet ever, and the first Windows-Based device running on ARM processors not X86.

I guess Samsung are a great hardware specialist but software is not their specialty, I guess it’s the weakest point in their devices. I think Samsung should follow Nokia steps and concentrate on hardware only beyond a powerful operating system with steady and continuous updates. Microsoft Windows Phone and Google Android are two great contenders but I’ll vote -as expected- for Windows Phone because Microsoft has no interest in the hardware business and their OS is totally protected in the current patents war.

I also wish to soon have a slim Windows 8 tablet from Samsung, something slimmer and lighter than their own Galaxy Tab 10.1”.


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