SMS Manager 1.5 updated with live tile support and revamped UI

SMS Manager is a simple but useful application that complements the messaging hub experience and lets you schedule your SMS messages and save them as drafts. The application now hits version 1.5 adding live tile notifications and a revamped UI.

Download SMS Manager from the marketplaceWindows Phone doesn’t allow applications to send SMS without getting user approval for each message. The application uses Live tiles to notify you about due messages; by tapping the live tile, you are taken to the "Due" page to edit/send your due messages. Live tiles must be enabled from the settings page and the application must be pinned to receive the due messages notification.


the current SMS Manager 1.5 Features:

  • Save SMS (text and recipients’ names and numbers) as Drafts,
  • Schedule SMS to be sent in a specific date and time,
  • Send SMS directly from the application,
  • Saves your SMS history and reuse it anytime and/or delete it,
  • Live tile notifications (must be manually enabled from the settings page),
  • Supports Mango fast-app-switching.

The SMS Manager is available in a free trial and costs 1.29$ for the full version.


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